Babakumbu Helmet Mask, Wosera area – 21-47


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Babakumbus are from the Wosera Area of Papua New Guinea. These helmet masks are made of woven rattan and painted in bright colors both natural and commercial. They are made by the men of the Abelam tribe as ancestral religious power centers and are used for healing, power, initiation, and harvest festivals.
Large skirts of split sago palm leaves are attached to the bottom part of the helmet to form a striking costume. Colorful feathers, leaves, and a necklace of bright red and green inedible fruit completes the costume. The Babakumbu dancer keeps women, children, and the uninitiated away from important ceremonial areas. At initiation ceremonies these same dancers confront the initiates and guests in a threatening and violent manner. Eventually the initiates’ chase the spirits back into the forest.
This one is 17.5 inches tall.
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